A traffic management plan (TMP) is a either a Generic or a Site-Specific plan that covers the design, implementation, maintenance, and removal of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) measures while work or activity is carried out in the road reserve/corridor (road, footpath or berm).We deal with the start to end process of getting these TMP’s accepted and authorised through your local Road Controlling Authority (RCA).

Do you need site specific or generic Traffic Management Plans – then call us today…… we offer:

• Qualified TMP designers that will assist client specific needs
• Provide a profressional approach from start to end to meet client requirement (Site Specific / Generic)
• Assist with Tender process, when required
• Develop Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for projects
• Develop Generic TMP’s for generic activities on the road network (GTMP)
• Submit TMP’s or GTMP to the local authority (RCA), when required
• Provide support, guidance and draft EED’s, when required

Our team has previously worked in the capacity of Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC) for the NZTA network, and in Compliance for Auckland Transport. On Site Safety can offer knowledgeable advise on all matters related to CoPTTM compliance on worksites, so let us help you lift the bar by:

• Providing independent audits to identify safety requirements for Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) 
• Investigate, review and provide feedback on audits done on any of your worksites 
• Provide onsite coaching and development to contractors to identify the requirements of the Road Controlling Authorities

We offer a range on consulting / profession support to our clients to help them identify, improve and implement best practicing on worksite as part of their Health and Safety responsibilities, we can offer:

• On Site consulting with team/management to identify, assist and develop organisations deliverables to meet the Road Controlling Authorities requirements
• Develop Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) for work on Level 2 roads
• Attend toolbox/tailgate sessions to impart some knowledge and confidence in the correct operating procedures
• Client specific presentation development and deliverance for site compliance to improve the understanding of safety on worksites
• Tailor made training for industry specifics on request

The team at On Site Safety Ltd are all authorized NZTA trainers and offers the following workshops:

• Level 1 Kerbside Collection Traffic Leader (KCTL)
• Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller (TC)
• Level 1 Basic Traffic Controler Refresher ONLINE
• Level 1 Traffic Controller – Inspector (TC-I)
• Level 1 Site Traffic Management Supervisor + Refresher
• STMS Level 2/3 Non-Practicing + Refresher
• STMS Level 2/3 Practicing Assessments
• Independent / Client Specific Training


I have named the company “On-Site Safety Ltd” because that is what I believe we need to do more of. A qualification in the hand and a shove out the door is not enough. Our TC/STMS’ on the work sites needs support to know what they do makes a difference and returns their colleagues back home to family and loved ones.

  • Think - Safety - Always, is the philosophy of On Site Safety Ltd
  • We are good at what we do and have people with vast experience and expertise in this field
  • Served on RCA’s and other review panels and understand the key indicators for success
  • Customer focused is knowing your customers’ expectations and then exceeding them